Betty Bus visits St Oswald’s

Our Year Six girls have been learning all about how their bodies and emotions change during puberty on the fabulous Betty Bus!!




Year 5 Investigate the Groovy Greeks – May 2017

Year 5 visited the Great North Museum last week to gather information and ideas for our new topic. We took part in workshops investigating the legacy of the Ancient Greeks and explored the galleries using what we discovered to help us complete some activities.  One of our challenges, was to use the animal gallery to create a chimera of our own creation which would inform our character descriptions on our return to school.  The Greek gallery provided a wealth of inspiration to help us draw designs for Greek urns and vases which we will be sculpting in clay. A fantastic day was had by all. Thank you for your impeccable behaviour Year 5!

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Year 5 Campus Explorers

Today Year 5 has taken part in a ‘Campus Explorers’ event run by Newcastle University. Pupils a had the chance to explore the University through a virtual campus map, taking part in university subject specific games and activities along the way. We’ve had a fantastic time with our visitors and this has definitely encouraged Year 5 to aspire towards and think positively about their future learning and consider the possibilities which higher education could bring.

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Vile Victorians

We spent our Curriculum Day delving into Victorian times with the help of Mrs Laidler; a special visitor from the past who had taught at a nineteenth century school. To start the day, we experienced a Victorian lesson – a shock to most of us! We used slates and slate pencils whilst learning our three R’s. Miss Laidler was exceptionally strict but luckily we were too well behaved for the cane to be brought out!
Throughout the day, we used historical sources, such as census documents and artefacts to gather information about life during Victorian times. In particular, we discussed child labour and employment during the Industrial Revolution and developed our understanding of how life changed for children. Our day concluded with some design work, creating Victorian toys- windmills and thaumatropes. A fantastic day of learning which will form a great basis for our topic work going forwards.

Destination Space

On Tuesday 15th November, Year Five have been to visit the centre for LIFE where we participated in workshops linked to our science learning topic – Earth and Space. We’ve learnt many fascinating things about astronauts, the International Space Station and our Solar System. The planetarium show was particularly impressive as we were able to observe the night skies above us and compare the planets. In the lab, we carried out an experiment to find out how large astronauts’ Maximum Absorbency Garments would need to be to absorb the nearly two litres of urine that an average adult produces in a day. (Apparently astronauts wear nappies in their space suits!) Much to our delight, we also got to try using a robotic arms to carry out manoeuvres as they would do (in much harsher conditions) at the International Space Station.

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Vicious Viking Long Ships

Year Five finished our Vicious Vikings topic with a fantastic flourish as we spent our DT day applying our historical knowledge to designing, building and evaluating a functional and appealing Viking Long ship toy. We built a cam based mechanism to make our longships appear as if they were moving on the sea and then decorated them in ways that would make them appeal to children of all ages. You made a superb creative effort Year 5 and the results were remarkable. Well done!


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