Jake and Nicole Dance for Joy!


Nicole and Jake have competed this weekend in a dance competition.


Nicole came

2nd in fast pairs

5th in fast

4th in slow pairs

5th in slow


Jake came

6th in slow

Also made semi finals in fast


Well done we are super proud of you and well done for supporting one another!!

Isla raises £310 for Alzheimer’s charity

A massive well done to Isla and her family! The family took part in the Memory Walk (7km) along South Shields coast yesterday.
Isla’s granny has Dementia. This was a big deal for the family, as you can imagine, especially Isla – as she is very close to her Granny, so we are extra proud of her for doing this. So far the family have raised £310 from this walk for the Alzheimer’s Society.

A true mark of Christian love !!  Well done Isla and the rest of the family!!

The Little Family visit Fort William and Ben Nevis.

We have been to Fort William and went up Ben Nevis had so much fun on the zoom track at the top and the sun was shining but it was windy up there, it was so high you could see for miles.

We got to see our grandma, grandad and great grandad. We miss everyone from school x

Daniel loving his time in Cyprus

Daniel went to this church in Cyprus and at the bottom of the 137 steps there was a wishing tree and Daniel tied one for St Oswald’s. He said he’s bringing the leaflet in for Mr Hayton 🖒


Nicole Little – Dancing Competition 10.7.17

Nicole competed in her first dance competition this weekend.  Here are her results:


Freestyle solo (also known as fast)-  1st


Slow solo –  6th


We are extremely proud of her!  Well done Nicole!