Year 3 have had a wonderful morning at Temple Park. Miss McKeown was extremely proud of their behaviour, attitude and team work. Children competed 9 stations which included: a treasure hunt; skittles; pass the ball; relays; dribbling; over arm throw and long jump. Children were given points for making progress and working as a team and St Oswald’s B team won with an impressive 101 points! Well done to all children for their enthusiasm.

Year Three Commonwealth Day – 12.3.18

Year 3 have been thinking about significant women in the Commonwealth and how rights have changed for women in the UK. Children sorted significant events into a chronological order using vocabulary such a decade and century when identifying changes singe 1897. They them recorded this onto their own timeline and started to explain the changes. Next we looked and different perceptions we have our roles and responsibilities. We identified the difference between genders and the equality. We explored how the Commonwealth promote gender equality. In guide reading we explored women who have had a significant impact within the commonwealth. Children were interested in their stories and enjoyed discovering new vocabulary.

The boys may not be in school but they are still celebrating World Book Day.
Mitchell is supporting graphic novels being dressed as Spiderman and Nathan is doing his best baddie and dressed as Draco Malfoy.
They are settling down to read for a while.