Children in Need – 17.11.17


Just a reminder that tomorrow is Children in Need day at St Oswald’s.  We ask that all children either wear spots or Pyjamas tomorrow and make a £1 donation.  All donations will be going to Children in Need.

We will also be having a copper run around school which all pupils can contribute to.  It’s really easy…just bring in any loose change and we’ll see how far we can make our copper grow around the school.

We would also like our worshipping community to get involved too so please mam’s, dad’s, grannies, granddad’s and the rest of our friends please wear your Pyjama’s for tomorrow’s worship and this will be followed by a Children in Need coffee morning for any budding bakers out there!

Hope to see you all tomorrow!






Dear Parents and Carers,

I know that we are all devastated to hear that Bradley Lowery has lost his fight against his illness. It really makes you just want to cuddle your little ones a bit tighter and be so thankful for what you have. Whether you are NUFC fan or SAFC fan, this is a chance for us to show our support.
It’s Bradley’s funeral on Friday and his parents have asked anyone who attends the funeral to wear a football top. Bradley’s parents have asked school’s to get involved in order to raise money for his charity and some parents have brought this to my attention!

Children may come in to school on Friday wearing any football top. However, please DON’T go out and buy a new one. If your child doesn’t have a football top, then any t-shirt would be fine.   Children can wear a whole football strip or whatever they wish on the bottom.  We ask that children bring a £1 donation which will go to Bradley’s charity.

If are parents and carers are joining us for worship on Friday they may also wish to wear a football top to show their support.

Thank you
Helen Smith

The FRoSTOz (Friends of St Oswald’s) Group would like to invite you all for a cuppa and a catch up following praise and celebration assembly each Friday morning.


This is a chance for all parents, carers and grandparents to pop along and have a natter about anything you wish (it doesn’t have to be school related).


Andrea Scott (Family Support Worker) will also be available in order to answer any queries regarding school or to help in any other way we can.


We look forward to seeing you on Friday if you can make it.




We would like to invite you all to the first meeting, next week of FROSTOZ (Friends of St Oswald’s Group).  This meeting will take place on Tuesday 17th January 2016 at 4pm and will last no longer than 45 minutes.


The purpose of the group is for staff, governors, parents/carers, grandparents and members of the local community to help to be champions of the school and fundraise for the pupils of the school.


This initial meeting we hope to get as many people to join us as possible.


Ideally, we would like initially to raise funds to further develop our outdoor space and help to subsidise trips and extra educational experiences.


If you don’t have childcare don’t worry!  A member of staff will be able to entertain your little ones.


We really hope to see you there and attach an agenda for the forthcoming meeting.  If you are able to attend and would like to help champion St Oswald’s please complete the slip below and return to school.




Friends of St Oswald’s (FRoSTOz)

Tuesday 17th January 2017



· Roles and responsibilities of The Friends of St Oswald’s


· Lifesavers saving club


· Praise and Celebration coffee morning


· Toddler group


· Feedback on Christmas Fayre 2016


· Summer Fayre (Friday 30th June 2017)


· Christmas Fayre (Friday 1st December 2017)





Each year the Local Authority promotes a ‘Blue Monday’ campaign to ‘Make Someone Smile’ on what is thought to be the most depressing day of the year. This year, they encouraged all young people and employees to write down their funniest joke, which was entered into a competition judged by local comedian Chris Ramsey. All of the submitted jokes, from across the authority, are going to be displayed in the new library, The Word in South Shields.

The children below have either shortlisted and in the case of Lily in Year Five her joke was a winner chosen by Chris Ramsey.  They are invited to attend a presentation with the Mayor at The Word on Monday 16th of January.  Letters will be distributed tomorrow.

Well done to all of our children who entered the competition, were shortlisted or in the case of Lily have won!!!


St Oswald’s CE VA Blue Monday Joke Results


Shortlisted/ Runner Up Jokes


Hollie –Year 4- St Oswald’s Hebburn

‘What do you call a crab that doesn’t share its toys?’



Aaron- Year 5- St Oswald’s Hebburn

What do the Mexicans put underneath their carpets?



Daisy – Year 3 St Oswald’s Hebburn

I tried to catch fog yesterday



Leyton (Year 6 – St Oswald’s Hebburn) + Keelsmans Way Council

There were two fish in a tank, one said I hope you can drive this thing…?


Winning Jokes (As chosen by Chris Ramsey)

Lily (Year 5) St Oswald’s

And the lord said unto John ‘come forth and you will earn eternal life’ but John came fifth and won a toaster!









Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all of our lovely families.

We will see you all back on Wednesday 4th January 2017.